Here are a few tips on how to gradually build your endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility with the JNL Fusion workouts:

Tip # 1: Don't forget to warm-up before your workout! Here are a few ways you can successfully prepare for your workouts each day:

Walk/Run in place for 2 minutes.

Walk/Run around the block a couple of times.

Take a quick bike ride around the neighborhood.

Perform jumping jacks or jump rope for 2 minutes.

Tip # 2: Do not perform any of the high-intensity movements at first. Follow the modifier (Unni) in each program. She will show you how to safely modify the movements while still elevating your heart rate.

Tip # 3: In the beginning, use light weight. Be aware of how your body feels while performing each exercise and then gradually increase your resistance or weight each week.

Tip #4: There is no point in killing yourself with any of the JNL Fusion exercise moves. Remember less is more in the long run. Working out should always feel like it's fun, comfortable and uplifting. Always listen to your body. It will tell you when to slow down, speed up, increase or decrease weight, or stop.

Tip #5: Sign up for our Body FX Transformation Club on Facebook. We are constantly discussing motivational tips in our group. You'll be motivated to start and inspired to continue as you get familiar with the JNL Fusion signature moves.