To reply to that question, we rely of John Abdo’s explanation comparing two different types of athletes, and the two basic types of muscle fibers that comprise the human body; Slow-Twitch (ST) and Fast-Twitch (FT). Take, for instance, a long distance runner who primarily activates their ST fibers during training and competition. To achieve their desired results, these athletes run for very ‘long distances’, which consequently require very long durations of time. Conversely, however, consider an Olympian sprinter. To achieve their desired results, these athletes activate a higher percentage of FT to cover much shorter distances, while consuming dramatically less time during their races. Ironically, under typical scenarios, the sprinter burns far more calories; both during their runs as well as post-workout, than the long distance athletes. This observation lead John Abdo to create the 6-Minute Body system which is comprised of short-burst fitness sessions, designed to activate ST as well as FT fibers which absolutely burns more calories. It’s amazing that “less is more” when the human body is exercised correctly.